Are You Interested in Receiving Invisalign® or Traditional Braces?

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Bite problems such as crooked and badly spaced teeth can affect the appearance of your smile and may require orthodontic treatment to correct. The main types of orthodontics are Invisalign® and traditional braces, both of which provide significant differences.

Invisalign has become very popular due to its discreet appearance provided by the clear plastic material of the aligners. With invisalign, your smile can look more natural during treatment. The aligners can also be removed from your teeth for eating, though this also puts them at risk of being misplaced. You will need to ensure that your trays stay in your smile for at least 22 hours a day so that you don’t set your orthodontic goals back several weeks. To keep the trays in good shape, brush your teeth and trays following every meal. Invisalign may not be ideal for significant orthodontic issues.

Traditional Braces
The metal or ceramic that makes up your brackets and wires are very visible, and because they are fixed, you may need to beware some foods that break braces. You don’t have to worry about losing braces as you would with Invisalign appliances. You may find that traditional braces cost less than other orthodontic services, though they require thorough cleaning to prevent your teeth from developing tooth decay as a result of lingering food particles. You may develop some gum sores and other mild discomfort when when you initially receive your brackets and wires, though they are often the most effective at treating significant dental issues.

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