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Are Traditional Braces Worth It?

Are Traditional Braces Worth It?

Traditional braces are made of metal brackets and wires. The brackets are bonded to the fronts of the teeth and connected by a wire. These wires help move your teeth into perfect alignment. Traditional braces are bonded to the teeth, making them a permanent part of your mouth. Traditional braces are worth it because they offer a lot of benefits to patients, such as:

Clearer Speech

When teeth are properly spaced, it is easier for children and adults to pronounce words properly. Misalignment of teeth can make it difficult to enunciate certain sounds, so speaking clearly can be an issue. Traditional braces can correct spacing issues, allowing patients to speak more clearly.

A More Functional Bite

Bite misalignment can cause problems with chewing, speech, and digestion. Braces help to align the bite to where it should be. This helps with chewing function and can also prevent future problems with teeth shifting and sensitivity.

Better Oral Hygiene

Traditional braces make it easier to brush and floss your teeth. Brackets and wires make brushing and flossing easier by removing hard-to-reach plaque. Braces straighten teeth, which makes it easier to keep teeth clean. Straighter teeth also are healthier and less likely to have decay.

A More Even Bite and Jaw Alignment

Traditional braces are still the most popular type of orthodontic treatment available. The brackets and wires are bonded to the teeth, and this allows for targeted movement over time. Traditional braces are best suited for patients with more complex cases.

More Affordable

Traditional braces are a reliable and affordable way to achieve the perfect smile. In many cases, traditional braces are less expensive than other orthodontic treatments. 

Improved Self-confidence

Many patients love how braces can boost their self-esteem. After all, your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, and if you’re self-conscious about your teeth, it can change your entire outlook. Braces can offer straighter teeth making patients feel confident in their daily lives.

Braces have come a long way since they were first developed. Thanks to new technological advances, traditional braces are much more comfortable to wear and easier to use. They can move your teeth faster than ever and help fix various orthodontic issues.

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