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Athletes with Braces May Need a Custom Mouth Guard

Athletes with Braces May Need a Custom Mouth Guard

Your Bradshaw & Hathaway orthodontist installed braces hardware in your mouth, as part of a long-term effort to realign your teeth for a more function mouth and an appealing smile. If you participate in a contact sport, you are at increased risk of oral trauma. This is why many schools, and athletic groups make using a mouth guard a requirement.

At the same time, many of the mouth guards sold at the retail level, are bulky, uncomfortable, or impede breathing. This tempts some athletes to forgo using them in all but the most threatening of situations.

If you take a blow to the face, the impact on your braces, teeth and other oral tissues could be severe. The resulting injuries, complications and necessary treatments could prove uncomfortable, while also increasing the total amount of time it takes for your braces to effectively realign your teeth.

To help prevent this from happening your orthodontist can help fit you for a custom mouth guard at our Johnson City, Tennessee clinic. This is a soft, yet durable plastic mouth piece designed to match your mouth for maximum protection and passage of air.

If you’ve had braces installed at Bradshaw & Hathaway’s Johnson City, Tennessee clinic and you are in needed of a custom mouth guard, you should call 423-929-1126 to schedule an appointment at our orthodontic clinic.


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