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Common Questions About Keeping Your Braces Clean

Common Questions About Keeping Your Braces Clean

Caring for your teeth during orthodontic treatments begins with keeping your braces clean. If your braces are damaged, they will need to be repaired. However, you should never try to repair them yourself, but rather, leave it up to your orthodontist. For more information, consider the following questions about keeping your braces clean:

True or False: Braces that are not properly cleaned and cared for can fail to function properly.

a.) True

b.) False

Which of the following is not a method for keeping your braces clean?

a.) Washing your retainer every week

b.) Daily brushing and flossing habits

c.) Teeth whitening kits and bleaching agents can clean braces

d.) All of the above

What are braces?

a.) Orthodontic treatments used to replace missing teeth

b.) Orthodontic treatments used to whiten your smile

c.) Dental procedures used to protect your tooth enamel

d.) Orthodontic tools used to correct malocclusions and misalignments with your smile

True or False: Teeth with braces that use brackets and wires can be cleaned with traditional floss.

a.) True

b.) False

Answer Key: a, c, d, b

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