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Regularly Scheduled Dental Checkups Are Important When You Have Braces

Regularly Scheduled Dental Checkups Are Important When You Have Braces

The wires, brackets and various hardware components that make up your new orthodontic braces play an important role in improving the alignment of your teeth. This is done by attending routine adjustment appointment every four to six weeks.

It’s also important to keep in mind that cavities and periodontal health complications could potentially delay your regularly schedule adjustment. This could extend the amount of time needed to correct the alignment of your teeth.

Brushing your teeth each morning and night and remembering to floss once per day is very important for maintaining a healthy mouth. You also shouldn’t put off your regularly schedule dental checkups at Bradshaw & Hathaway.

Each of these important appointments will effectively remove plaque buildup and tartar from your teeth while also monitoring the overall health of your mouth. If Dr. Daniel Bradshaw identifies a problem area he can address it before the problem worsen into something more serious.

If you live in the Johnson City, Tennessee, area and you have a question about how to best maintain a healthy mouth with braces, you can always call 423-929-1126 to schedule an appointment with an orthodontist at Bradshaw & Hathaway.



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