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Why You Should Think About Getting Invisalign®

Why You Should Think About Getting Invisalign®

In today’s post, you can find out why getting Invisalign may be worth it, if you’re looking to align your teeth or that of a teenager. It used to be that braces were the only way someone could achieve a straight smile, but since advances in technology have increased, that’s simply no longer the case.

Invisalign can be used with both adults and teens, and may decrease the treatment time, with a much more comfortable appliance. There are more reasons to consider Invisalign to align your smile. Find out why you should check out Invisalign at Bradshaw & Hathaway.

The clear aligners have been around for the last few decades now, since 1997, and have risen in popularity. Instead of metal braces that can be uncomfortable, take longer, the clear aligners make wearing braces easier and more fun. Invisalign uses a number of clear aligners that you change every two weeks that will slowly but surely realign your teeth, without anyone knowing you are wearing them!

With Invisalign, you can leave them out for up to four hours a day, instead of them being fixed over your teeth your entire treatment. This makes it much easier to brush, floss, and eat with them, as well as have photos taken, without the metal mouth look.

Some of the advantages of aligning your teeth with Invisalign in Johnson City, Tennessee, include:

– Less treatment time

– Thinner

– More comfortable

– Can brush and floss the same

– Reduced expense

– Invisible

– Removable

– Easy to clean

We offer Invisalign to our patients, via our talented orthodontists, Dr. Bradshaw and Dr. Hathaway, and would love to discuss with you more about them. We welcome your call to 423-929-1126.

Our dental team is dedicated to your satisfaction with your smile, and hope to hear from you soon!


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