Do You Know How to Keep Your Braces Clean?

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Did you know that braces need to be cared for and maintained to ensure optimal functionality? Do you know how to keep your braces clean? To begin, you should not do or attempt anything while wearing braces that you wouldn’t attempt without them, including playing contact sports or high-risk activities without mouth guards.

Braces may often consist of metal brackets and wires but they do not serve any defensive functions. If your mouth is ever at risk, continue to wear a mouth guard or face mask when necessary. In addition, if the wires or brackets should ever fail due to improper use, do not attempt to fix or repair them. Instead, cover the broken areas and seek orthodontic treatment immediately.

To keep your braces clean, continue to brush and floss every day. If flossing is impossible, switch to an alternative interdental tool such as a water flosser. If you have a retainer, always make sure to clean It weekly to keep it free of bacteria and contamination. Another helpful tip is to avoid chewy or sticky foods that can easily get lodged or wedged between your braces and teeth.

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