Regularly Scheduled Dental Checkups Are Important When You Have Braces

The wires, brackets and various hardware components that make up your new orthodontic braces play an important role in improving the alignment of your teeth. This is done by attending routine adjustment appointment every four to six weeks. It’s also important to keep in mind that cavities and periodontal health... Read more »

Why You Should Think About Getting Invisalign®

In today’s post, you can find out why getting Invisalign may be worth it, if you’re looking to align your teeth or that of a teenager. It used to be that braces were the only way someone could achieve a straight smile, but since advances in technology have increased, that’s... Read more »

Holiday Treats for People with Braces

Unfortunately, there is a long list of forbidden seasonal foods associated with braces. Nuts, candy canes, and caramel seem to permeate the treat scene, and none can be eaten with orthodontia. But there are still lots of delicious foods to eat--especially if you make your own! Here are some options... Read more »

The Finest Orthodontic Options for Your Child

Most people need orthodontic attention at some point, and it’s best to do it early. You and your child both want to have the best braces experience possible. That’s why Bradshaw & Hathaway would like you to be aware of all your choices. Here’s a brief outline of each one:... Read more »

The Basics of Space Maintainers

Did your child lose a tooth too soon? Dr. Daniel Bradshaw may suggest a space maintainer. A space maintainer is an orthodontic apparatus installed in the mouths of children who lose primary teeth prematurely while they wait for their adult teeth. Premature tooth loss refers specifically to when primary teeth... Read more »

How Braces Work

Are you thinking of getting braces? Excellent! Do you know how they work? If not, the staff at Bradshaw & Hathaway in Johnson City, Tennessee, is delighted to tell you all about it. If your dentist has suggested braces for your teeth, you are not alone. Most people need them... Read more »

Cavities Can Cause Complications While Correcting Your Teeth with Braces

The metal brackets, wires, bands, and other orthodontic components of traditional braces are sometimes called upon to help correct misaligned teeth. Once they have been installed at Dr. Daniel Bradshaw’s orthodontic clinic, you will still need to return to see him for routine adjustment appointments. Each of these outpatient sessions... Read more »

The Secret Tricks to Providing a Better Smile-Cleaning Job When You Have Braces

As you may already know, oral hygiene is vital for your oral health. Unfortunately, having braces can make properly cleaning your teeth and smile very difficult. But it doesn’t make it any less important. In fact, keeping up on oral hygiene is even more important when you have braces. So,... Read more »

The Reasons Why Orthodontic Consultations Are Recommended at a Young Age

If you want your child to have a straight and healthy smile, then it’s important to bring your child to Bradshaw & Hathaway for an orthodontic consultation at an early age. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, it’s best to bring them in for their first appointment by the... Read more »

What Are Some Causes of Crooked Teeth?

Sometimes the teeth find ways to twist and turn out of alignment, no matter how well we care for our smiles. This is unfortunate because having a crooked smile can lower our self-esteem and even make daily tasks difficult. To tell you a little more about why you might have... Read more »